We collaborated with asset management and valuation of various organizations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

Mass consumption retail companies are in constant growth: large levels of inventory, increasing accounts receivable, and strong investment in assets.

We work with a large number of leading retailers, supporting their strategic challenges. Our experts have extensive experience in the field, innovative technology, and a range of specific services.

Client Testimonials

Alsea de México
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“Great attention to the requirements. They fully understand what is expected of each job. The attention is excellent, and they always offer answers and alternatives that exceed our expectations.”
Carrefour Argentina
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“Excellent attitude and flexibility on the part of the company to meet the requirements. I particularly highlight the support received at the meeting with our Internal Auditors from abroad.”
Costco de México
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"The effort shown by the team to deliver quality work and according to our needs was very important, since despite being the first time we worked with you, the results were very good."
Grupo AXO de México
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"The service provided was very satisfactory and the attention given by the team that participated in the projects treated us very well, in addition to having the knowledge and professional capacity necessary to carry out these studies."


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