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CEO – Director of Asset Management and Software

Director of Physical and Financial Valuations

Director of Asset Management and Argentina Country Manager

Director – Brazil and Colombia Country Manager
Director – Ecuador and Peru Country Manager
Director – Mexico Country Manager

Director of Administration and Finance, and Human Resources

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Norberto Levín

  • CEO – Director of Asset Management and Software business units
  • Bachelor of Physical Sciences (UBA)
  • Member of the ISO TC-251 technical committee, in charge of the ISO 55000 family of asset management standards
  • Member of ISO TC-251 working group 5 of in charge of technical specification ISO 55010 – alignment of assets’ financial and non-financial functions
  • Member of the asset management subcommittee of the Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM)
  • Senior Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

Aldo Di Paolantonio

  • Director of Valuations business unit
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (UADE)
  • Postgraduate in Agribusiness and Food Management
  • Has led valuation teams in projects sponsored by Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Program, and Federal Investment Council.
  • Experience in privatization and private capital participation processes in drinking water, sugar, electricity, railways, gas, oil, and ports industries
  • Consultant in mergers and acquisitions in Latin American countries
  • Professor of Business Economics and Business Valuation at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)
  • Visiting professor of Strategic Management Seminar of the Commercial Aviation at UADE
  • Instructor for the Corporation for Cooperative Studies and Development of Ecuador, sponsored by the Confederation of Cooperatives of Federal Germany
  • Author of various papers specialized in the electricity sector
  • Instructor of numerous workshops in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain, addressing issues related to the valuation of physical and non-physical assets

Eduardo Vion

  • Director of the Asset Management business unit
  • Argentina Country Manager
  • Civil Engineer, specialized in Communications
  • Experience in valuations of public service infrastructures, machinery, and facilities.
  • Leads valuation and asset management projects of industrials and utilities
  • Experience in the valuation of inventories and spare parts, asset records data cleansing, development of procedures for asset management and valuation.
  • Experience in the valuation of electricity, waterworks, and oil and gas utilities

Adrián Sciaraffia

  • Director – Brazil and Colombia Country Manager
  • Experience in fixed assets and spare parts surveys, fixed assets valuation, asset record data cleansing, and implementation of asset management software
  • Project management, technical and administrative direction, and sales
  • Leads valuation and physical asset management projects for food, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, oil and gas, power, health, car, and education industries
  • Dictates workshops and webinars on asset management and valuation

Diego Picón

  • Director – Ecuador and Peru Country Manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads asset management and valuation projects
  • Experience in inventory and physical inspection, asset register data cleansing, valuation of fixed assets and spare parts, and implementation of asset management systems
  • Leads fixed assets inventory and valuation projects, in food, automotive, metallurgical, paper, petrochemical, oil and gas, waterworks, electrical energy and telecommunications industries.

Fernando Vilar

  • Director – Mexico Country Manager
  • Diploma in Project Management (Project Management Institute – SYGNO)
  • Experience in asset management and valuation projects
  • Leads projects in fixed assets management, physical inventories, book reconciliations, data migration, valuations, adoption of international financial standards (IFRS 1, IAS 16), business mergers & acquisitions (IFRS 3, B7), Mexican regulations (IFRS C6)
  • Experience in oil & gas, electrical energy, metallurgical, food, financial, health, transportation, education, retail, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Speaker at various events and webinars related to asset management

Marcela Conti

  • Global Director of Administration and Finance, and Human Resources departments
  • Certified Public Accountant (University of Lomas de Zamora)
  • Master in Corporate Finance (UCEMA)
  • Member of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Experience in the implementation of administrative, financial, and accounting circuits
  • Experience in Human Resources management
  • Experience in business valuations with Stern Stewart & Co EVA methodology
  • Instructor of EVA® methodology in business valuation at the Argentine Institute of Finance Executives (IAEF)
  • Founder of Estudio Conti Farias (, specialized in administration, tax, corporate financial services, and BPO

Rafael Melo

  • Brazil Office Leader
  • Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism (Maceio Center for High Studies)
  • Experience in asset inventory, asset register reconciliation, data cleansing
  • Experience in real estate valuation and operations in electric power, oil & gas, telco, health, financial, construction, sanitation, and utility industries
  • Participated in projects in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic

Gerardo Castro

  • Colombia Office Leader
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads and supervises all inventory and valuation projects
  • Experience in food, electrical power, waterworks, oil & gas, telecommunications, financial, and health industries

María José Escoto Figueroa

  • Mexico City office Manager
  • College Degree in Accounting, Diploma in Project Management
  • Develops asset management norms and procedures, conducts technical inspections, coordinates asset management outsourcing, implements project control systems and supervises documentation and reports
  • Experience in telecommunications, food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, metallurgical, education, retail, financial, construction, and chemical industries

Gustavo Bello

  • Valuation Manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads projects involving assets inventory, condition analysis, and valuation, for telecommunications, electric power, oil & gas, waterworks, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, and mining industries.

José Luis López

  • Mexico City office Manager
  • Chemical Engineer, specialized in petrochemical processes and sugar industries
  • Postgraduate studies in valuation at the Mexican Association of Business Valuers and the Mexican Institute of Valuation.
  • Experience in asset inspection, condition analysis, and valuations in chemical, sugar, metalworking, food, metallurgical, cement, oil & gas, electrical power, banking, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and retail industries.

Jorge García

  • Software developer
  • Information Systems Engineer
  • LevinProjects (LP) system development leader for comprehensive project management
  • Experience in systems analysis and programming, databases and application design, and implementation in web environment, key performance indicators, and business intelligence utilizing SQL Server.
  • LevinAssets, LevinAssets Mobile and LevinProjects implementation and maintenance

Laura Hanftworzel

  • Global Human Resources Leader.
  • Degree in Labor Relations (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Responsible person for staff selection, induction, career development, training plan, internal communication, and HR administration

Florencia Balsys

  • Marketing and Communication Leader
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Leads search for business opportunities in Latin America.
  • Coordinates prospecting and market research for submission of bids and proposals
  • Develops communications in social networks, institutional material, and website