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CEO – Director of Asset Management and Software business units
Director of Valuations business unit
Director of the Asset Management business unit
Director – Brazil and Colombia Country Manager
Director – Ecuador and Peru Country Manager
Director – Mexico Country Manager
Global Director of Administration and Finance, and Human Resources departments
Brazil Office Leader
Colombia Office Leader
Mexico City office Manager
Valuation Manager
Mexico City office Manager
Software developer
Global Human Resources Leader
Marketing and Communication Leader

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Norberto Levín

  • CEO – Director of Asset Management and Software business units
  • Bachelor of Physical Sciences (UBA)
  • Member of the ISO TC-251 technical committee, in charge of the ISO 55000 family of asset management standards
  • Member of ISO TC-251 working group 5 of in charge of technical specification ISO 55010 – alignment of assets’ financial and non-financial functions
  • Member of the asset management subcommittee of the Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM)
  • Senior Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

Aldo Di Paolantonio

  • Director of Valuations business unit
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (UADE)
  • Postgraduate in Agribusiness and Food Management
  • Has led valuation teams in projects sponsored by Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Program, and Federal Investment Council.
  • Experience in privatization and private capital participation processes in drinking water, sugar, electricity, railways, gas, oil, and ports industries
  • Consultant in mergers and acquisitions in Latin American countries
  • Professor of Business Economics and Business Valuation at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)
  • Visiting professor of Strategic Management Seminar of the Commercial Aviation at UADE
  • Instructor for the Corporation for Cooperative Studies and Development of Ecuador, sponsored by the Confederation of Cooperatives of Federal Germany
  • Author of various papers specialized in the electricity sector
  • Instructor of numerous workshops in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain, addressing issues related to the valuation of physical and non-physical assets

Eduardo Vion

  • Director of the Asset Management business unit
  • Argentina Country Manager
  • Civil Engineer, specialized in Communications
  • Experience in valuations of public service infrastructures, machinery, and facilities.
  • Leads valuation and asset management projects of industrials and utilities
  • Experience in the valuation of inventories and spare parts, asset records data cleansing, development of procedures for asset management and valuation.
  • Experience in the valuation of electricity, waterworks, and oil and gas utilities

Adrián Sciaraffia

  • Director – Brazil and Colombia Country Manager
  • Experience in fixed assets and spare parts surveys, fixed assets valuation, asset record data cleansing, and implementation of asset management software
  • Project management, technical and administrative direction, and sales
  • Leads valuation and physical asset management projects for food, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, oil and gas, power, health, car, and education industries
  • Dictates workshops and webinars on asset management and valuation

Diego Picón

  • Director – Ecuador and Peru Country Manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads asset management and valuation projects
  • Experience in inventory and physical inspection, asset register data cleansing, valuation of fixed assets and spare parts, and implementation of asset management systems
  • Leads fixed assets inventory and valuation projects, in food, automotive, metallurgical, paper, petrochemical, oil and gas, waterworks, electrical energy and telecommunications industries.

Fernando Vilar

  • Director – Mexico Country Manager
  • Diploma in Project Management (Project Management Institute – SYGNO)
  • Experience in asset management and valuation projects
  • Leads projects in fixed assets management, physical inventories, book reconciliations, data migration, valuations, adoption of international financial standards (IFRS 1, IAS 16), business mergers & acquisitions (IFRS 3, B7), Mexican regulations (IFRS C6)
  • Experience in oil & gas, electrical energy, metallurgical, food, financial, health, transportation, education, retail, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Speaker at various events and webinars related to asset management

Marcela Conti

  • Global Director of Administration and Finance, and Human Resources departments
  • Certified Public Accountant (University of Lomas de Zamora)
  • Master in Corporate Finance (UCEMA)
  • Member of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Experience in the implementation of administrative, financial, and accounting circuits
  • Experience in Human Resources management
  • Experience in business valuations with Stern Stewart & Co EVA methodology
  • Instructor of EVA® methodology in business valuation at the Argentine Institute of Finance Executives (IAEF)
  • Founder of Estudio Conti Farias (, specialized in administration, tax, corporate financial services, and BPO

Rafael Melo

  • Brazil Office Leader
  • Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism (Maceio Center for High Studies)
  • Experience in asset inventory, asset register reconciliation, data cleansing
  • Experience in real estate valuation and operations in electric power, oil & gas, telco, health, financial, construction, sanitation, and utility industries
  • Participated in projects in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic

Gerardo Castro

  • Colombia Office Leader
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads and supervises all inventory and valuation projects
  • Experience in food, electrical power, waterworks, oil & gas, telecommunications, financial, and health industries

María José Escoto Figueroa

  • Mexico City office Manager
  • College Degree in Accounting, Diploma in Project Management
  • Develops asset management norms and procedures, conducts technical inspections, coordinates asset management outsourcing, implements project control systems and supervises documentation and reports
  • Experience in telecommunications, food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, metallurgical, education, retail, financial, construction, and chemical industries

Gustavo Bello

  • Valuation Manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Leads projects involving assets inventory, condition analysis, and valuation, for telecommunications, electric power, oil & gas, waterworks, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, and mining industries.

José Luis López

  • Mexico City office Manager
  • Chemical Engineer, specialized in petrochemical processes and sugar industries
  • Postgraduate studies in valuation at the Mexican Association of Business Valuers and the Mexican Institute of Valuation.
  • Experience in asset inspection, condition analysis, and valuations in chemical, sugar, metalworking, food, metallurgical, cement, oil & gas, electrical power, banking, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and retail industries.

Jorge García

  • Software developer
  • Information Systems Engineer
  • LevinProjects (LP) system development leader for comprehensive project management
  • Experience in systems analysis and programming, databases and application design, and implementation in web environment, key performance indicators, and business intelligence utilizing SQL Server.
  • LevinAssets, LevinAssets Mobile and LevinProjects implementation and maintenance

Laura Hanftworzel

  • Global Human Resources Leader.
  • Degree in Labor Relations (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Responsible person for staff selection, induction, career development, training plan, internal communication, and HR administration

Florencia Balsys

  • Marketing and Communication Leader
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Leads search for business opportunities in Latin America.
  • Coordinates prospecting and market research for submission of bids and proposals
  • Develops communications in social networks, institutional material, and website