LevinAssets (LA)

Comprehensive Physical Asset Management

  • Fixed assets and warehouse stock control
  • Local accounting, tax, international accounting, insurable, and fair value books
  • Web solution hosted in the cloud, allows for flexible distribution of functions

LevinAssets Mobile (LAM)

Asset Tracking

  • Cyclic asset survey with tablets
  • Fast and reliable asset control
  • Automatic or manual asset register updates
  • Data capture with barcodes, QR and/or RFID labels.
  • Integrates with SAP, Oracle and all major ERP platforms

LevinProjects (LP)

Project Management

  • Controls projected and actual man-hour assignment for each project phase or task
  • Controls projected and actual delivery dates for each project phase or task
  • Allocates physical resources (machines, devices, materials)
  • Profitability analysis
  • Quality assurance per ISO 9001
  • Control of recoverable and non-recoverable expenses
  • Controls billing and collections
  • Sends client satisfaction surveys


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